Rust: How to get scrap

In its literal sense, the word rust is the yellowish/brownish coating formed on steel or iron-made objects. And it could be found mostly on scraps.

But in the game of Rust, it's the other way around - you actively go looking for scrap.

Scrap is one of the most useful resources in Rust, especially in establishing your own base. That is just one of the uses of scrap in the game, and there are plenty of those as you progress.

Here are some of the ways to get scrap in Rust:

Get scrap from crates, barrels, and toolboxes

Scrap can be obtained just by looking for it everywhere in the game. Gamer Tweak suggests that it can be found in crates, barrels, and toolboxes.

All of those objects mentioned contain scrap. A crate can give 3-5 scrap depending on its variant (a regular one or the primitive). Toolboxes also provide 5 scrap. On the other hand, barrels could guarantee 2 scrap.

You can find those in almost every location available in Rust. Although for barrels, it would take some time and effort to open those.

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Get scrap through fighting and winning

Another way to get scrap is to win it through fighting.

Through killing other players in Rust, you may be rewarded with the scrap they held before being taken down.

Yet getting scrap through fighting is not limited to other players. Roaming scientists, which are NPCs available in Rust, could also be taken down. It will reward you with an amount of 8-22 scrap just like that.

Roaming scientists could be a bit hard to beat, but the prize in store for you is worth fighting for.

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