Rust: How to get metal fragments

Metal fragments are one of those resources in Rust that are used more in the later parts of the game. It is often incorporated in more advanced recipes.

The presence of metal fragments is highly significant in Rust. It could be considered as one of the primary resources to craft weapons, armor, and various items as well.

You may also find it a bit challenging to secure those vital metal fragments. But harder challenges may also mean greater rewards.

Here are some ways to get metal fragments in Rust.

Get metal fragments by mining

According to Screen Rant, getting metal fragments by mining is the best method for new players.

Mining the Metal Ore which can be seen rampantly in Rust may give you metal fragments. Although this may be time-consuming, it could guarantee you the desired resources.

For the veterans in Rust, though, there is an alternative way to get the coveted metal fragments.

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Get metal fragments by recycling

As you progress in the game, there is almost a guarantee that you will obtain a great number of items. And in this case, you can put those in the Recycler.

In Rust, the Recycler can be found on various locations. These machines can be found in warehouses, train stations, supermarkets, and more.

Through this method, all you need to do is put all your items which you find unnecessary into the machine. Of course, the number of metal fragments you can get can vary depending on the amount and type of items you have put in.

Some of the best items to use in the Recycler include metal sheets, blades, and propane tanks. It can also provide high-quality scrap and metal for you.

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