Rust: How to get cloth

Getting cloth in the game of Rust could somehow be a bit tricky. Despite being one of the most essential resources in the game, it isn't craftable.

Yet, of course, nothing is impossible. Exploring a variety of ways could secure your cloth, which may be used in crafting other items and weapons.

Here are the ways to get cloth in Rust.

Get cloth by harvesting Hemp Fibers

This might be the best way to get cloth in Rust.

Why? Two things - simple and sustainable. Every time you interact with the Hemp Fibers can guarantee a Hemp Seed, as well as 10 cloth if those are fully developed.

You can also locate those in multiple places in the game. Most Hemp Fibers can be seen in the forest, near the riverside, and even in deserts.

Planting the Hemp Seed through a Planter Box or in the ground can even be the first step in developing your very own cloth farm. You can set it inside your base, although you must take care of it by watering it regularly just like how to grow plants in real life.

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Get cloth by killing and butchering animals

An alternative option to get cloth in Rust is by killing and butchering animals.

As per HyperXGaming, it could be possible once you have hunted or killed animals, such as a bear, boar, chicken, deer, horse, or a wolf. You may then proceed with butchering it.

A good pile of cloth could be yours by doing so. It may be more challenging, but getting the cloth is satisfying.

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