PSVR 2 replacement cables: how to fix broken headset connection cable

PSVR 2 replacement cables headset facing left side

PSVR 2 replacement cables headset facing left side

Have you been struggling with your cat playing with your precious cables or perhaps tugging at them a bit too much? It happens even if we try to be as cautious as possible and, presto, we find ourselves with a VR headset which doesn't work anymore. What about the PSVR 2 replacement cables? Can we fix it?

The new generation of the Sony Playstation headset has arrived with an impressive line-up of launch titles and gamers have been curious to see what else is in store.

But, if you're having technical problems then you don't care, you'll have to see about those PSVR 2 replacement cables and how to fix the headset.

How to fix PSVR 2 cables

Unfortunately, the headset is designed in such a manner that it is not possible to access the original cables and swap them out for a replacement. Even if you were to open it up, they are soldered on so there is no way to replace them in a manner that is safe.

This means, you'll have to ship out the VR headset to Sony and hopefully they can get it repaired for you or, otherwise, just send you an entirely new one. Unfortunately, there are no alternatives at the moment.

How much it costs to fix a broken PSVR 2?

If the accident to your cables did happen during shipping, so they've always been broken, then you are in luck as that should be covered by your warranty. If it happened because of a human (or otherwise) accident, unfortunately, you will have to spend some money.

It has not been confirmed at the moment how much that will be but, including postage and packaging, you can expect that price to average around half the price of a brand-new headset. Anything above that would just be a bit unreasonable as you could just buy a new one.

That is all we have for you, but if you're looking for games to run on your PSVR 2 then take a look at such future hits as Pavlov and, perhaps, Skyrim.

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