Pavlov PSVR 2 - is Pavlov on PSVR 2?

Pavlov PSVR2 guy shooting at targets

Pavlov PSVR2 guy shooting at targets

Considered a sort of killer app of the original PC VR, military team based shooter Pavlov has kept many PC gamers happy. But now, with the launch of the second generation of the PlayStation virtual reality headset, people are asking: is Pavlov on PSVR 2?

The PC version has long been available for free to try as a title and it's been mentioned several times as one of the better experiences available, specifically tailored to the Virtual Reality experience.

So, will PlayStation adopters also be among the lucky players? Let's take a look if Pavlov is on PSVR 2.

Is Pavlov on PSVR 2?

Yes, the CEO of studio Vankrupt Games, Dave Villz has confirmed it on a recent tweet, saying that Pavlov: Shack will be available on Oculus Quest 2 and PlayStation VR 2 headsets. The game will also feature cross-play functionality between the two platforms. The CEO has also confirmed Vankrupt Games is now a partner of Sony PlayStation.

Answering a user's comment, the CEO has also confirmed that the support for Pavlov:Shack will not extend to the original PSVR, as the performance of the device doesn't seem to be up to scratch. In another bit of bad news, the game also won't feature cross play between PC and PSVR2.

When will Pavlov be available on PSVR 2?

The game will be made available directly at launch on the 24th of February, with a price confirmed to be 24.99$ The CEO has also confirmed the beta version of Pavlov:Shack will remain free "where applicable".

Pavlov joins the ranks of other games that have already been announced for the second generation of Sony Playstation VR headsets, such as Low-Fi, a sci-fi exploration game.

That's all we have for you regarding Pavlov on PSVR 2. If you're eager to know all the latest information about the headset, we recommend you to check out our guide on PSVR 2 backward compatibility and PSVR 2 shipping date.

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