How to Fix PS5 Mic Echo 2024

An image of PS5 and its controller - PS5 Mic Echo

An image of PS5 and its controller - PS5 Mic Echo

If you're reading this article, the chances are looking for help with fixing the PS5 mic echo. Whether you are using the Pulse 3D headset made for the PS5 or one of the best gaming headsets on the market, there is no guarantee that you will be immune to PS5 voice chat issues.

Hearing echoes in voice chats has been a problem since long before the PlayStation 5 burst onto the scene. If anything, it was probably worse in the days of the Xbox 360/PS3, as people were likely to have worse microphones, or less aware of what they were doing.

So, if this issue is still frustrating you and preventing you from hearing the 3D Audio bespoke to the PS5, we've got you covered below with these PS5 mic echo fixes.

What causes the PS5 mic echo?

If you or one of the people in your party/lobby is complaining about the mic echoing, it is probably because one of you probably has the volume too loud.

However, if you can hear the mic echo, then it's not actually your fault, but rather somebody else's. To deduce who the culprit is, basically find out which one person cannot hear the voice echo.

If you are that person, or you want to give them some tips on reducing the mic echo, here's what to do.

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Turn off the TV audio

If you have your PS5 set to output the audio to your TV/speakers, including voice chat, then we'd recommend disabling this while in a party.

Usually, the PS5 should automatically do this when you plug a headset into the console, but if this isn't happening, do the following:

  • Press the PS Button and Select Sound.
  • Click on the output options and choose the Controller Headset.

We'd also recommend turning on Switch Audio Output Automatically, which can be accessed via Settings > Sound > Audio Output, just to save you time in the future when the mic echo PS5 issue comes back.

Turn down your headset volume

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Another common issue stems from the headset itself. Depending on how noise-cancelling the headset is, audio may bleed out from the device into the microphone, positioned pretty close to the headset.

To fix this, simply lowering the audio output levels can solve this, or altering the chat-game audio balance.

The easiest way to do this is to hit the PS Button on your DualSense and go to the Sound options. Here, you can adjust the audio output, and re-balance your chat-game audio if either one is too loud.

Lower your mic sensitivity

Conversely, if your headset volume is just at the right level, then your mic might be the problem if you can call it that. Headset mics in 2021 are of a much higher quality than 10 years ago, but one drawback of this is that the sensitivity may be slightly high. This means it picks up sounds that you might not want it to, such as breathing, game sounds, or other people's voices.

To lower your microphone sensitivity and resolve this, press the PS Button and go to the Mic settings. Here, select Adjust Mic Level and follow the instructions. If you're struggling to find the balance, we'd suggest going for the lower side of the mic levels, just to be safe.

Check your audio Input

Finally, make sure that you are actually using your headset's microphone and not the built-in mic of the DualSense controller.

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Was the in-built mic a mistake?

While Sony's new feature seemed cool when first revealed, the in-built mic has proved problematic in multiplayer games, exposing hapless gamers to a variety of background noise when not turned off. This was made worse in the PS5 exclusive Destruction AllStars, where no option to mute the in-game chat was available at launch.

If you are using the DualSense mic and want to change this, press the PS Button and go back to the Mic settings. Here, you'll want to make sure the input device is Headset or Headset (Controller) rather than Wireless Controller.

That covers everything about the PS5 mic echo. We hope you found this guide helpful. Before heading off, make sure you check out how to fix PS5 overheating and slow download.

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