PS5 controller drift - How to fix DualSense stick drift

PS5 controller drift - How to fix DualSense stick drift

PS5 controller drift - How to fix DualSense stick drift

Apparently, the PS5 DualSense controller is suffering drift. Luckily, you can easily fix the PS5 controller drift.

While it isn't exclusive to this joypad by any means with Xbox controller drift and Oculus controller drift also a major issue, our focus today is on the DualSense controller, and what you can do if yours suddenly develops this particular problem. It joins a list of several issues with the PS5 controller, including needing to fix the PS5 trigger broken problem.

As we move further into the lifespan of the PlayStation 5 and those game hours rack up, it's likely you may run into this issue at some point. Luckily, there are some potential fixes you can explore. Let's run through those now.

How To Fix DualSense Stick Drift on PS5 Controller

Troubleshooting stick drift on the DualSense PS5 controller involves a number of different steps. We'll start with the relatively easy, and go from there:

  • Make sure your console and controller are fully up-to-date. Your console should do this automatically, but you can check that you're on the right software version. We have a handy guide you can follow.
  • If this doesn't help, then you can reset your controller. There's a small hole on the back of the DualSense, next to the Sony logo. Find a tool like a paperclip, and press and hold down the button for 5 seconds. Then connect your controller to your PS5 via USB, and press the PS button.
  • You can go into the controller settings and reduce the Trigger Effect Intensity. Turning this down, or off, may help reduce drift.
  • Also in the controller settings menu is the option to switch off the Bluetooth connection: Settings > Accessories > Controllers > Communication Method > Turn Off Bluetooth. Turning off Bluetooth, and then turning it back on can sometimes work.
  • A final point worth mentioning is to make sure you are keeping your joystick clean. If there is any sort of buildup of dust, or sweat or dirt, this can impact performance. So it's well worth keeping things clean. Using a clean dry cloth, wipe around the joystick's base, where it meets the controller. There's some further advice here.

If none of these remedies works, then it's probably time to contact Sony, to investigate having your controller repaired or replaced. Especially if you are still under warranty (usually for 12 months from purchase). You can contact Sony for further help here.

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What is PS5 controller drift?

You may have read this without having encountered stick drift before. But trust us, you'll know it when it starts happening. If you notice that the analog stick starts moving when you aren't pressing it, or your aim is suddenly always slightly high and to the left, or your character doesn't move the way you expect them to, it isn't always down to your questionable abilities as a gamer.

Sometimes, there is a fundamental problem which means your controller is sending an input signal even when you aren't touching it. This, in turn, causes all these peculiar things to happen, and can make playing a game even harder than it should be. This is stick drift.

If you find yourself in this situation, then look at our troubleshooting tips, and see if they get things back into their rightful place. The only drawback is that you won't have anything to blame if you keep missing that jump.

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How long does a DualSense controller last?

We aren't talking in terms of battery life here (around 10-12 hours, by the way). The fact is, things go wrong, wear out, and break down. And controller drift is one indication of a controller that is wearing out.

But exactly how long should you expect your controller to last? It's an inexact science, as a lot will depend on how well you look after it.

One report, by iFixit (via mspoweruser) suggests that in as little as 400 hours or so of gameplay, you may start to experience controller drift on the DualSense. Which, given that some modern games have well over 100 hours of gameplay by themselves, means your controller might wear out far faster than you'd hoped.

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