DualSense Edge - Everything we know so far

DualSense Edge wireless controller 1
Credit: Sony

DualSense Edge wireless controller 1
Credit: Sony

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We've been wondering about a possible PS5 Pro Controller for a while, and at long last, Sony has announced the DualSense Edge. Described as "ultra-customisable", this is the high-performance controller that PS5 gamers have been waiting for.

If your PS5 controller trigger is broken or has a high input lag, perhaps an upgrade could be on the cards to improve your gaming setup via the DualSense Edge.

But what else do we know about it? Well, read on to find out about the price, release date and more...

DualSense Edge: Price and Release Date Speculation

After a long wait, Sony finally announced a release date for the highly-anticipated DualSense Edge. The controller was launched globally on the 26th of January 2023 and is now available to buy on the official website.

Given there isn't a previous Elite PS4 controller to compare it to, we'll use Microsoft's Xbox Elite Series 2 controller as a price comparison instead. This is currently being sold for $179.99, so we wouldn't expect the DualSense Edge to be sold for any less, either.

And, we've been proved right, because it's officially been announced that the Edge will be sold at a price tag of $199.99. You can also buy replacement stick modules for $20 if you need to.

DualSense Edge Design: Customisation Options

In terms of the key features of the DualSense Edge, customisation is undoubtedly at the top of the list. Because Sony is really trying to give players as much control over their controller as possible.

Players will be able to remap or deactivate specific button inputs and adjust stick sensitivity and dead zones (the distance your analog stick needs to move before the input is recognised by the game).

Additionally, triggers can be adjusted to change travel distance for faster inputs, or greater precision.

There are also customisation options in terms of control profiles. Players will be able to save their profile, and swap between them quickly. This could be useful if you have, say, a specific set-up for a racing game, but want to swap it when you play a FPS.

The controller has a 'dedicated Fn button' that will allow players to quickly and easily swap between controller profiles, adjust game volume, and access the controller setting menu.

Beyond this, the DualSense Edge comes with all the standard features of the original DualSense controller - adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, motion controls, built-in microphone, and so on.

DualSense Edge: Swappable Components

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The other really significant strand on the DualSense Edge is the ability to swap a variety of parts when the need arises.

PS5 controller drift is an issue, and as the trailer revealed, the DualSense Edge will now allow users to fully replace each stick module on the controller. These will, however, be sold separately. This has the potential to enormously improve the lifespan of your controller.

As well as being able to swap the sticks, the Edge will allow players to choose between one of three types of stick cap - standard, high dome and low dome.

Back buttons can also be swapped between half-dome and lever, and can be configured to any other button input.

The ability to change the type of caps and buttons you have allows you to optimise your set up for your personal preference.

DualSense Edge: Other Features

These are the other controller features for the DualSense Edge announced on PlayStation Blog:

  • Can save multiple control profiles: Once you’ve selected your ideal control settings, you can then save them and will be able to switch between them on the go.
  • On-controller user interface: The controller's Fn button will allow you to easily adjust your setup without losing focus on the in-game action. You can quickly switch between your pre-set control profiles, change game volume and chat balance to suit your needs, and access the profile settings menu so you can set up and test new control iterations whilst still in game.
  • Built-in DualSense wireless features: The DualSense Edge wireless controller is very comfortable to hold and will allow you an immersive experience when you're playing supported games. These is because of haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, built-in microphone, motion controls, (and more).

DualSense Edge: What's In The Box?

We've already mentioned that the DualSense Edge won't come with any additional sticks for when yours wear out and start drifting. But Sony has stated that there will be a fair amount that comes with the controller.

Stick caps and back button sets will be included, alongside a USB-C braided cable. This cable has a connector housing, which will lock it in place, and stop it from disconnecting at a vital moment.

It will also come with a carrying case, and you will be able to charge the controller while it's stored in the case.

There's plenty for us to look forward to, but still lots that we don't know. We'll let you know when new information comes to light about the DualSense Edge.

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