Path Of Exile: How to buy from other players

Path of Exile is a game that allows players to buy items from one another. Even your friends could act as a store in the game.

There are even sites made purposely to cater a 'trade market' for players all around the world.

It could benefit both you and your friend, as you'll have the item that you want, and your seller/friend will have additional funds as well.

Here are some ways on how to buy from other players in Path of Exile.

Buy from other players through external sites

You can buy from other players through various external sites, with PoE Trade seemingly being the most popular one out of the pack.

When accessing the site, click the 'Whisper' button placed beside the seller's name. It will lead you to message the seller about the item that you want to buy.

Once they answer your request, they will invite you to go to their hideout. However, just make sure that you have the currency needed to buy the item before entering.

Once both of you are already in the hideout with enough funds, complete the transaction.

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The items you can buy from other players

Items that are available through the external sites may vary depending on your preference.

You can specify the number of items you want to buy for example, as well as its stats and other aspects. You could even 'tailor-fit' your choices in buying.

Although it would still depend on the item. If for example the item is in big-demand, there could be little chance of attaining it as other players could hoard it and use it in their own Path of Exile accounts.

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