Path Of Exile: How to reset passive skill tree

One of the most renowned game elements in Path of Exile is the passive skill tree. It provides various stats and abilities, which some players might want to reset.

All classes in the game use the same passive skill tree. Although each of those is starting in different locations in Path of Exile.

From a range of almost 1200 nodes available, players must use almost all of their skill points to unlock the more powerful ones. Making a single mistake could only be solved through limited methods.

Here are some ways on how to reset the passive skill tree in Path of Exile:

Reset the passive skill tree by starting over again

Polygon says that there is no other way to reset the passive skill tree other than starting the game all over again.

Therefore, it is advisable for players who are in their early stages to properly choose their build according to their class. Don't just wing it!

Another thing that could be considered is to copy another player's build. There is no shame in doing it. Most of it is proven to be decent as well, and it could deliver in fights.

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Deselect skills in the passive skill tree by using refund points

Players can earn refund points in the later parts of the game.

Once the main story is completed, players can obtain around 20 refund points. They can use them to deselect the stuff they already unlocked in the passive skill tree.

But players must take note that they cannot refund a skill connected to two other skills. A total reset is impossible, but some modifications could take place instead.

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