Lost Ark Server Status: Is Lost Ark Down, And How To Check The Server Status

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Even though Lost Ark has only just officially launched, the servers have already been taking a hammering. Demand has been enormous, causing difficulties for some players trying to get online. But it can be hard to know what the Lost Ark server status actually is, and therefore whether the issue is something you can do anything about, or not.

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We've put together this handy little guide, to help you understand what's going on with the Lost Ark servers, and what you can expect. Are the servers down, or are you simply in a long queue? Let's find out.


Is Lost Ark Down?

At any given time, it is possible that there is an issue with the servers. Issues can often force a server to go offline, as can planned maintenance. The @playlostark Twitter feed is a great place to check for any scheduled maintenance that is lined up, and how long that maintenance is likely to last.

But as well as maintenance, there are some other potential explanations if you find yourself waiting forever to get into the game. In an update posted on the 10th of February, the developers acknowledged the huge demand from players to access the game. This inevitably led to long queue times and has prompted them to take action in anticipation of the official release of the game on the 11th of February.

On the most popular servers, they have decided to set a character creation limit. The hope is that this will prevent queues from increasing further. This applies especially in the early days when demand tends to spike. So if you are trying to join one of these servers to play with your friends, you may struggle.


In this scenario, you may need to consider moving to a different, less popular server. In case you are concerned, the developers have assured fans of the game that moving to lower population servers won't cost them any of their Foundation Pack purchases.

But while these explanations may make sense, how can you tell whether the server is full, down for maintenance, or not working? That's what we'll discuss next.

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How to Check the Lost Ark Server Status

Checking the Lost Ark server status is the quickest and easiest way to get an indication of what's happening with a particular server. Amazon Games has provided a dedicated server status page. This will let you know exactly what's happening with any server for the game.


The servers are subdivided into regions across the world (Central Europe, South America, West North America, and East North America). Each server will have an icon next to it, to tell you its status. It will either show as good, busy, full or under maintenance.

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Once you know what's happening with your server, you'll be able to decide whether to wait in the queue or to wait until maintenance is complete before you retry