Are Fallout 76 servers down? Find status and downtime

A power helmet on a dusty floor in Fallout 76.

A power helmet on a dusty floor in Fallout 76.

Having trouble logging into Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic role-playing game? You may want to check on the Fallout 76 server status to see what’s going on. The game is played completely online, so any server issues will keep you from accessing it.

Gamers have come to accept connectivity problems as something they’re just going to have to deal with, and Fallout 76 players are no exception. In fact, the action RPG has been known to experience an error during Bethesda Net login from time to time.

As common as server errors are, one of the first steps to take is to check whether or not the game’s servers are down. That’s why we’ve come up with this Fallout 76 server status guide to help you troubleshoot any issues you may be encountering.

Are the Fallout 76 servers down?

As of November 13, 2023, the Fallout 76 servers are up and running as intended. There are currently no issues being reported with the game.

The last time users reported an issue was on October 30, specifically with the Xbox versions of Fallout 76.

However, the last time the servers for Fallout 76 were shut off for maintenance was on October 10, 2023. This was done to apply the update for Fallout 76 Season 14, with the game coming back online after about four to five hours.

You can expect the Fallout 76 servers to go offline with each new season that comes out. Every season of Fallout 76 typically lasts for about 13 weeks.

How to check the Fallout 76 server status in real-time

If you’re looking to check on the Fallout 76 server status in real time, you’ll have a few different options available.

The first place you should visit is the Status Portal. This page will give you a quick rundown on which of Bethesda’s games and services are functioning properly. You can also check out the official Bethesda Support X page for any announcements regarding their services.

You can also visit third-party websites like Down Detector to look for any widespread user reports on issues with the game.

If the Fallout 76 servers do happen to be down as you are reading this, you might be interested in passing the time by taking a look at Bethesda’s space-themed RPG, and reading up on Starfield characters and factions.

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