How to log out of Character AI

how to log out of Character AI? character ai logo

how to log out of Character AI? character ai logo

While interacting with AI chatbots is always great fun, sometimes we also need to know how to stop. Perhaps because we're tired or just need to change some things. Either way, the easiest steps might be the hardest sometimes, so let's look at how to log out of Character AI.

This recent AI chatbot has been making the rounds, alongside other experiences such as Bard and ChatGPT, for allowing users to speak with characters from popular media or even real life.

But despite how fun it is, it is always good to know all your options and how to use them. Let's look at how to log out of Character AI then.

How to log out of Character AI

While this might sound like a weird question, logging out is actually a bit more difficult than it might sound.

This is how you log out of Character AI:

  • Go to your profile settings (the pen/pencil icon on the profile page).
  • Settings are on the lower left side of your screen.
  • Click "Log out".

Clearly, you will have to provide your login details again if you want to log back into Character AI. While it might sound strange, the website does not have a log off button readily available on the menu. Perhaps it's to keep the users on the site as long as possible.

Why should you log out of your account?

There are different reasons why one might want to log out of their account. For example, it is good to take a break every once in a while. It also might be a fix if there are some issues with the conversations or the chatbots you have created.

It is also good to know how to delete characters on Character AI, especially if you realized that you have shared personal details or sensible information. Remember to always keep your information safe, even if you think no one is going to read your private AI conversations.

While on the subject of Character AI creators seeing your chats, it has been confirmed that they can't, still, the developers do have the freedom to access your private conversations. Plus, they can revoke your account privileges at any time should they feel you have violated the policies. So, better to be careful.

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