How to delete characters in Character AI

How to delete characters in character AI chat logo

How to delete characters in character AI chat logo

The Character AI is a chatbot system that enables people to interact with both fictional and real-life characters in the form of AI. It also enables you to create new characters to interact with. But sometimes, your creations might get out of control, so how to delete characters in Character AI?

The platform has been gaining many fans lately, despite some errors and its infamous NSFW filter. It is equipped with a comprehensive collection of AI characters, which are designed by both the platform's developers and its users. While one is allowed to delete an AI character, it is not as easy as clicking a delete button.

Read on to find out how all the details you might need on how to delete characters in Character AI.

How to delete characters in Character AI

The steps to delete a character are quite simple, despite the lack of a precise delete button. Here's what you have to do to delete characters in Character AI:

  • First, choose the specific character that you wish to delete.
  • Then go on and delete all the previous conversations from your chat message history.
  • Then, navigate to the editing screen for the character.
  • From there, you might want to erase all of the character's existing details, for example, its name and any descriptions you might have added.
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  • For the last step, you might add some random text in the mandatory fields, while making sure to enter at least three characters in each one. This will ensure that the character is successfully deleted.

If you are unsure of these steps, you might want to consider an alternative. It is possible to create a new character in place of the one you wanted to delete, so you do not have to replace the original one with placeholder text.

This way, by reusing the character slot for a new one, it is also useful to prevent a high number of deleted characters in your account. The creators, still, are promising some new easier ways to delete conversations and characters in the future.

Why delete characters in Character AI?

You might be wondering why should a user bother to delete characters since there is really no limit to how many it is possible to create.

Experienced users of Character AI may find themselves in a situation where they have created so many characters that they have lost track of the number. Additionally, they may have had numerous conversations with each character, sharing many details about their lives or NSFW conversations you might not want other people to see.

While the decision to delete a character is purely because you might want to have less clutter on the screen, there are also concerns about privacy. What did you share with one particular character is, of course, important and you might decide to delete those conversations for good.

It is feasible to create or modify a character in such a way that it is only visible to the user, ensuring privacy. Despite this, some users may not trust the security or data policy of Character AI. The app reminds all users that it is possible to request the deletion of the account by emailing

Furthermore, we recommend that, despite the chats being private and encrypted, you refrain from sharing personal details or creating characters that share private details with you or your friends and family.

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