Is GeForce now on Roku?



Nvidia's GeForce Now streaming service is a fantastic way of playing games on low-end hardware. The service is currently available on a variety of services such as iOS, Android, MacOS and even Xbox consoles. However, is it available on Roku TV?

For those without a smart TV, Roku devices unlock the potential of modern televisions. Much like a Google Chromecast, the devices allow you to stream apps on your TV like Netflix or YouTube. Other services are also available, including gaming apps.

But does Roku TV support GeForce Now?

GeForce Now on Roku

Unfortunately, GeForce Now is currently unavailable on Roku TV devices, despite being available on Android TV. There's currently no news on whether the app will arrive in the future.

Even worse, these devices don't have any form of web browser available to use. Whereas Xbox One and iOS can access the streaming service through the web, Roku users are left in the dust.

Perhaps the service will be ported over in the future. Unfortunately, that doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon.

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What apps are available?

Even if GeForce Now isn't available on Roku, ther's still a tonne of apps that you can use to stream content. However, these streaming services only support video, no gaming.

There's currently a large selection of video apps available. For example, YouTube, Rumble, Emby, Vimeo, and Rflix TV all have native ports.

For the complete list of available apps available on the device, check here.

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