How to play Fortnite stretched on NVIDIA GeForce Now in Chapter 2 Season 6

One of the options provided by the NVIDIA GeForce Now service is its capability to run games in a stretched manner, such as the global hit Fortnite by Epic Games.

When games are being stretched, you can enjoy playing those in a full-scale method, maximizing the fit of your PC monitor.

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You just need to follow some steps to set your games to be stretched. And once you're done, you can get your games' resolution stretched right away.

And so, here's how to play Fortnite stretched on NVIDIA GeForce Now:

Stream Fortnite on your GeForce Now

Of course, first thing's first, you've got to actually load up the game before you can do anything fancy with it.

You'll want to log into the GeForce Now app, look for Fortnite by searching in the search bar at the top of your GeForce Now window.

Once you find it, add and save it to your library. You can now stream the game.

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Set your GeForce Now resolution settings

Now to set things straight - I mean, to set things stretched. It's now time to adjust your GeForce Now resolution settings.

The NVIDIA forum page lists how to do so. Go to the settings on the right side of your GeForce Now's window.

Select custom, and change the resolution settings in order to play Fortnite and all the other games stretched.

You will see some prescribed settings to choose from, and you want to pick the one that matches up with your monitor size:

Pick the one that is right for you, save the changes to your settings, and you're now fully prepared to play Fortnite stretched with NVIDIA GeForce Now.

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