HTC Vive: How to fix its Controllers

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The HTC Vive VR headset has its own set of controllers when you buy it. But there are times where they may simply give up the ghost.

There are ways to fix these issues, and we don't recommend doing it yourself; have it checked with a professional.

And the good thing here is, there may be an opportunity to send them back to HTC themselves.

With that, here's how to fix the HTC Vive controllers.

Fix your HTC Vive controllers by checking its available charge capacity

According to VR owners, one way to fix your controllers if it doesn't work properly is to check its available charge capacity.

One indicator about a not-so-good state of your controller's battery is when the signal light set on it turns into a blinking red variant.

In case this happens, immediately plug in the controller that is currently having a low battery charge.

If the indicator light turns orange, it's now charging and stacking power again.

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Fix your HTC Vive controllers by having it repaired

If in any case that at least one of your HTC Vive controllers still does not work properly, you may then need to have it repaired.

If you can't do it by yourself, one good site you can refer to and try on is


They offer services of all sorts - proper checking, part replacement, or completely overhauling your controllers as well.

Check the services offered on the website and consult them once your HTC Vive controllers are not responding to the fixes you have already looked into.

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