How to update PSVR: Make sure you've got the latest software version

The PSVR software is best used, of course, if you have its latest version. Yet in order to do so, you must first initiate the update for it.

Updates for the PSVR software will just arrive at some unexpected instances.

But once an update is available, do not hesitate to apply it on your PSVR software, and you'll get the most up-to-date version in no time!

So here's how to update your PSVR and get your software on its latest version:

Update your PSVR software

As Android Central mentions, updating your PSVR is an essential aspect of your overall PSVR experience.

And doing it is very easy.

  • Open your PS system and head on to the Settings menu.
  • Open it up and make your way to the Devices.
  • Look for the PlayStation VR and click it to choose PlayStation VR Device Software.
  • You will now see if there's any available updates. Choose one if there's any.

Once you get into it, your PSVR will now be updated to its latest version just like that.

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Update your PS software

Now this goes not just for the PSVR but for your PS system as a whole.

You can update your whole PS system and software to make sure that all things running on your console and devices are the latest ones.

  • Disconnect your PS system from the internet.
  • Then turn it on after a few minutes.
  • It shall now see the updates available for the system itself.
  • Click on those as they will appear on your screen. Apply it and enjoy!

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