How to unofficially play VR on GeForce Now

how to play vr on geforce now geralt the witcher

Playing VR on the GeForce Now service is seen as something as a big wish from many of its customers.

Since launching around the same time-frame as Xbox Game Pass, thoughts have drifted as to whether VR games could also appear on the service in due time.

While there's no announcements from NVIDIA as yet, savvy gamers have uncovered unofficial means to get it working.

With this in mind, here's how to use VR on the GeForce Now service.

Run GeForce Now on your VR headset

The best method to enable this is through a helpful guide on Reddit. Essentially it requires the browser to be used, to go to the 'GeForce Now' site and run the Quest.

As seen on the video below, it clearly shows an Oculus Quest 2 headset being used to run GeForce Now.

The experience looks more akin to playing Cyberpunk 2077 in a movie theatre, where the only visitor is you. It's engrossing and yet still appealing when you think about other games that could be played in this way.

Regardless, it's an interesting concept, and further shows how the service can work in tandem with headsets from Oculus and HTC.

VR on GeForce Now?

Although an NVIDIA GeForce Now blogpost posted in March 2019 listed that the streaming service will enable wireless VR and AR, there has yet to be confirmation of it occurring anytime soon.

With more and more VR games coming to fruition on multiple platforms, especially with Sony committing to a next-gen PS VR for the PlayStation 5, it will be interesting to see just when the feature will arrive to NVIDIA's streaming service.

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That's everything you need to know about playing VR on GeForce Now. Check out our other VR guides for more information and tips and tricks.

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