How to set up a macro on Razer Synapse

The Razer Synapse app can let you set up your macro keys on your own Razer keyboard. Yes, you can customize it the way you want.

All you need to do is to take note and follow some steps in order to do so.

And once done, you can say that your keyboard is truly yours with the macros on it!

So here's how to set up a macro on Razer Synapse:

Getting things ready

Windows Central listed the steps you should follow when setting up macros on your Razer Synapse app.

Open the Razer Synapse on your PC. Then choose the Razer keyboard connected on to it.

Select the Macros menu and press the "+" for you to add a new macro of your choice.

You can give it a name or something. Just type in your desired name on the pop up box that will appear.

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Setting up macro on your Razer Synapse

When you're setting up your macros, choose first which type of delay you would want your keystrokes to have.

You can choose from Record delay, Default delay, and No delay. Choose Record and gear up your keys in any way and order you like.

Click Stop once you are done doing it. Then open the Keyboard menu and choose the key that you want to use for your macro. Select Macro.

And change the assigned macro to the one you just made. Choose the playback option intended. And that's it!

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