How to link 'Ubisoft Connect' Game Saves with 'GeForce Now'

Many publishers were jumping on the bandwagon in the 2010's as a way of making it easier for customers to find their library of games, while shutting off these games in other distribution apps.

Ubisoft was one of these, releasing 'UPlay' back in 2009, and eventually it was rebranded to 'Ubisoft Connect'. While there's been crossover with EA and Steam, there still isn't any leeway with Ubisoft for now, even with cross play and Amazon Luna. For now anyway, the DRM is a big bug-bear for the service.

However, with game saves they can be used with both 'Ubisoft Connect' and 'GeForce Now'.

With this in mind, here's how to link the game saves between both services.

While there isn't a blanket 'link GeForce Now with Ubisoft Connect' option, there is a way of enabling saves on both services.

  • Open the Ubisoft Connect app on your PC and click on the menu located at the top left of your window.
  • Go to the Settings and unmark the "Enable cloud save synchronization for supported games" option.
  • Create a backup for your 'savegames' (default location C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames).
  • Run the game and wait until it could do a manual save function.
  • Quit the game, allow the cloud saves once again, and re-launch the game.

However, it's known to work 75% of the time; it depends on whether your membership is active on GeForce Now, alongside having the games available on both services.

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