How to fix PS5 power issues: Sony's official advice for when your console switches itself off

All hail the PS5! It's probably the most in-demand game console of 2021 so far. But the fact that it is one of the most advanced consoles does not make it an exemption on issues, such as switching itself off.

Thanks to our friends on the PlayStation Support website however, this problem could be fixed depending on the type of situation you're experiencing.

This can include the issue of the PS5 switching itself off while being used.

With that, here are some ways on how to fix a PS5 power issue, particularly when your console switches itself off.

Fix your PS5 when you feel it overheats

Overheating could be the main cause to why your console is switching itself off.

To fix this, make sure that the air vents on all sides of the PS5 are not blocked. Allow at least 4-inches of space on each side of the console, and also try to prevent your PS5 being placed on dusty areas, such as carpet or in narrow spaces.

Whenever there's dust in the air vents for example, clean them by using low-powered vacuum cleaners. Don't forget to also disconnect the AC power cable of the PS5 before cleaning it.

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Fix your PS5 by choosing "Rebuild Database"

Another way to deal with the power interruption issue is by doing the Safe Mode option 'Rebuild Database'.

Press the power button and wait until the PS5 beeps twice. It will eventually turn off your console. Hold it for at least 7 seconds, and release once you hear another set of beeps.

After this, connect your DualSense controller through a USB cable. Click the 'PS button' afterwards in the controller to finalise the process.

Once this is complete, it will turn your PS5 system into 'Safe Mode'. Select the 'Rebuild Database' option on your screen and it will then scan the overall system, as well as creating a whole new database of your PS5 content.

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