How to fix PS5 download error message: "Can't download or copy. Something went wrong."



The PS5 has been out in the world for some time now, but gamers who've been lucky enough to get one have had the booby prize of having to deal with error codes, storage issues and other problems, including the PS5 download error message.

It's already bad enough that the PS5 doesn't currently support external SSD storage for PS5 games, but errors like this may make you want to trade in your PS5 for an Xbox Series X.

One error we've seen on the PS5 comes up and says, "Can't download or copy. Something went wrong." This storage problem seems to match up with the error code CE-10005-6.

Luckily, this error isn't the end of the world. Keep on reading to learn everything we know about the PS5's "can't download or copy" glitch...

Why am I seeing the "can't download or copy" error message on PS5?

It's hard to say if there's any rhyme or reason as to when this error message will appear, but I spotted it when the PS5 was trying to download The Sims 4 onto the console's internal SSD storage.

This was after I'd moved The Sims 4 over from my external hard drive to the SSD, so perhaps that caused some confusion for the console (although it's hard to see why it would).

However many times the console tried to download the update, the message "can't download or copy" continued to appear. It didn't seem to be impacting any other game downloads or updates, which is quite odd.

How to fix the "can't download or copy" issue on PS5

According to, the official advice for any and all PS5 storage issues is to follow these steps:

  • In your Settings, make sure you have the latest System Update installed and running.
  • Then you should turn the PS5 off, and start it again in safe mode: while the console is off, to enter 'safe mode', you need to hold down the power button on the console until you hear a second beep.
  • While you're in safe mode, you should be given the option to 'rebuild your database' - do this, and it should clear out the cobwebs and banish any storage-based bugs.

You might find that you have to download some games and content all over again after going through this process, but hopefully, it should resolve your pesky issue with the "Can't download or copy" error message.

What if I have error CE-10005-6?

We highlighted this earlier, so we'll just touch on it briefly. If you find yourself seeing this error code, try the following steps:

  • Turn off your PlayStation®5 console, unplug the power cable and then plug it back in. 
  • Restart your PS5™ console.
  • Try inserting another compatible disc.
  • Clean the disc with a soft, clean cloth to remove any dirt.
  • Delete the partially installed game, and try installing it again.

If, after trying all the steps we've mentioned in this article, you are still having issues, then it may well be time to contact PlayStation Support for additional help and advice. You can explain everything you've already tried, and see what else they can suggest. But we're confident that for most people, this step won't be required.

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