PS5 SSD storage expansion coming this summer, according to reports

While the PlayStation 5 has had a pretty successful launch period, there are a growing number of players concerned with the lack of storage options the console currently offers.

Unlike the Xbox Series X, the PS5 does not supportany external SSDs, leaving players relying exclusively on the 825GB (with 667GB usable) of storage in the base console.

However, based on the latest reports from Bloomberg, this storage issue could be resolved pretty soon...

SSD storage upgrades coming soon

As reported by Bloomberg, Sony is reportedly planning on allowing expanded SSD storage devices on the PS5 as early as summer. Using the M.2 expansion slot - currently disabled - players will be able to upgrade their PS5 storage beyond the 825GB available now.

This change will reportedly come via a firmware update later this year, which will for the PS5's fans to run at an even faster speed. As the external SSD will need to run at the same speed as the internal SSD, enabling this should prevent the console from overheating.

Sony has not yet announced if any SSD storage devices available on the market are supported by the PS5. Given the PS5's SSD has a bandwidth of 5.5GB/s, any third-party devices will need to match this speed. Some of the latest M.2 PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs can support such high speeds, but we'd recommend waiting until Sony announces which external SSDs the PS5 supports before you splash out on a storage device.

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How to use external HDD on PS5

While the PS5 may not yet support additional SSD storage, players can still increase their console storage using a HDD- or Hard Disk Drive - device.

These relatively cheap storage options can connect to the PS5 via the USB port. However, as the PlayStation 5 relies on SSD for its super fast loading times, the HDD only supports PlayStation 4 games.

Even if you plan on buying an external SSD device for the PlayStation 5 as soon as possible, we'd still recommend picking up an HDD for these PS4 games to free up your PS5's storage for all the upcoming PS5 games. You can check out our best HDD options for the PS5 here.

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