How to customize your Xbox home screen

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Customisation is something that's a priority in this modern age of gaming.

Xbox lets its users adjust their home screen to their own tastes, to have their favourite games be a pride of place.


There are a few options in how to customise your Xbox home screen, and it can become confusing as to which one to go for, especially if you're a new owner of the Series S or X.

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With that, here's how to customize your Xbox home screen.

Customize your Xbox home screen's color and theme

The official Xbox support page lists how you can customize the color and theme of your Xbox screen.

  • Both procedures require you to press the Xbox button on your controller to launch the Xbox guide.
  • Head on to the Profile & System and choose Settings.
  • Select General, followed by Personalization.
  • Now for the color, choose My color & background and select My color.
  • For the theme, on the other hand, choose Theme & Motion.

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remap xbox one controller buttons

Customize your Xbox home screen's background

If you want to change your Xbox screen's background, attempt steps 1-3 as above.


You will then be able to choose from a variety of background choices. It includes solid colour and game art, achievement art, a custom image, a screenshot, and dynamic background.

You can choose from any one of those. Once you're finished, it will automatically become your Xbox home screen's background.

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