How to connect your Xbox to an EA Play account

Electronic Arts has established itself as one of the most popular and renowned video game companies in the world. It would also be a nice experience if you were able to connect your Xbox console to an EA account.

Your EA account can then automatically be used whenever you access a game under EA on your Xbox console.

It lists games such as the likes of Mass Effect, FIFA, and Harry Potter who are some of their most successful titles through the years.

With that, here's how to connect the Xbox console to your EA account.

Connect Xbox to your EA account through easy steps

According to the help page at EA, you can connect your Xbox to your own EA account by following some easy steps.

  • Launch one EA game on your Xbox console.
  • Once it is open, log in using your EA account by filling up the necessary details needed.
  • It will then let you sign in right away, and your accounts will now be connected with one another.

Following and succeeding with the steps above means that your Xbox is now linked with your EA account. Easy.

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Other EA titles for Xbox

The mentioned EA games above are just some of the available titles for the Microsoft-owned console.

Other EA game franchises for your Xbox also include Rocket Arena, Madden NFL, Battlefield, Star Wars, and The Sims.

For the complete list of Xbox games from EA, you may proceed here.

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