How To Connect PS5 controller To PC: Use Your DualSense PlayStation 5 Controllers On A Computer Via Steam Or The Remote Play App

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How To Connect PS5 controller To PC

If you've recently bought a PS5, you might currently be wondering whether you can use your PS5 controller on a PC - and if so, how do you connect it to Steam?

After all, the PS4 controller became a very versatile tool for gaming on non-PlayStation platforms, so it's only logical to assume that the PS5 DualSense controller will do the same.

Keep on reading and you'll find out how to connect that PS5 controller to your PC of choice...

Does The PS5 DualSense Controller Work With PC?

Yes, the DualSense PS5 controller should work fine with your PC - so you should be able to connect it up fairly easily and get a PS5-ish experience on a computer.

Sony confirmed this fact in a lengthy FAQ page about the PS5 console, which is a great place to look if you have any questions about the console, controller or anything else PS5-related.

In fact, a select number of PC games also support DualSense's bespoke haptic feedback features, which you can check out here.

How To Connect PS5 Controller To PC For Remote Play

On the aforementioned FAQ page, Sony asked itself, "Can I use the DualSense wireless controller with my PC?"

Sony's official answer to that question looks like this: "Remote Play on PC supports the DualSense wireless controller via a USB wired connection."

So it sounds like you should be able to use the USB cable that came with your console to connect your PS5 controller to a PC, and it should work fine with the PS5 Remote Play app (which you can learn more about at this link).

How Do I Connect My PS5 Controller To Steam?

You might not care about the PS5 Remote Play app, though, especially if you're trying to use your PS5 controller to play PC-only games via Steam.

This is totally possible, and connecting your DualSense to the PC is pretty easy to do. Here's how to do it:

  • Choose 'Controller' in the Steam Settings Menu
  • Go to Generally Controller Settings
  • Open your Bluetooth Settings and select to add a new device
  • Hold the PS Button and Create button on your DualSense
  • Select the DualSense controller from the Bluetooth menu

Once connected, you can then re-map buttons in Steam, and even change the colour of the DualSense's lightbar.

Why Won't My PS5 Controller Connect To PC?

Even if you've followed the steps above and the PS5 controller still won't connect, there are a few possible reasons why this is happening.


The first, and most frustrating reason, comes from hardware defects. If trying to connect the DualSense via Bluetooth, your controller or PC's Bluetooth component may be damaged. Alternatively, when using a USB cable, the USB-C port or the cables themselves may have sustained damage.

There's also the chance that your DualSense is still connected to another device. You may have connected your PS5 controller to an iPad or mobile device, for example, or it could still be connected to the PS5. You'll need to unpair the controller first.

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