Does PS5 Dualsense Controller Haptic Feedback Work On PC?

Does PS5 Dualsense Controller Haptic Feedback Work On PC?

Does PS5 Dualsense Controller Haptic Feedback Work On PC?

We already know that your PS5 controller can be connected to a PC, but does PS5 Dualsense Controller haptic feedback work on your PC?

The PS5 DualSense controller is rightly lauded as one of the very best controllers Sony has produced. Incredibly comfortable, with great attention to detail, it really felt like a leap forward, compared to the more iterative updates of previous generations. Much of this praise came from its introduction of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

So if you're choosing a gamepad for your PC, you could do much worse than the DualSense controller. If you already own this controller, then it's nice to get more use out of it as well.

We'll be looking at whether the DualSense controller offers haptic feedback when connected to your PC, or if that is a feature you can't enjoy just yet. We already know it connects to the PS4, but how about a PC? Well, let's get ready to rumble. Or not.

Haptic Feedback On PS5 Controller

Haptic feedback is, in essence, the way the controller feels while you are playing a game. Functioning like a super HD Rumble, the console is able to deliver specific vibrations to replicate collisions or the feeling of certain elements hitting your character. This is best seen in the free PS5 game Astro's Playground, which we'd recommend you play if you haven't already.

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Alongside this, another feature of the DualSense is that the gamepad can change the way the trigger buttons feel, depending on the in-game situation. This is called adaptive trigger support. So, for example, a sports game may increase the resistance in the sprint trigger as your players become fatigued. Or when a gun jams, the trigger might be blocked. While still very early in the life cycle of this console, it undoubtedly has the potential to transform the way playing a game feels.

As exciting as this is, the big question for this article is whether this sort of haptic feedback works with a PC.

Does The DualSense Haptic Feedback Work On PC?

Yes! For the most part. Back in December, Valve confirmed that the DualSense controller is compatible with Steam games. Specifically, the update offers trackpad, gyro, lightbar, and rumble functionality.

Essentially, the haptic feedback rumble is usable in Steam games, as long as it is supported within the game of your choosing. 4A Games' Metro Exodus, for example, recently added support for haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, as seen below:

So, the full collection of features is technically available on the PC, but only for a very specific selection of games. While this may seem disappointing, only a few PlayStation games fully make use of these features at the time of writing. As more developers embrace the PS5's technology, this will change - both for the PS5 and PC.

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