How to change user name on PS4: Update your PSN ID and rename your PlayStation account

We’ve all had those PS4 user names that we thought we’d leave as a placeholder, but it became the username you ended up keeping for a decade.

But for years, it simply wasn’t possible to change your PSN ID; you just had to live with it or create a whole new account, creating a lot of confusion along the way.

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But since last year it’s become possible to change your PS4 name, but with some caveats, due to the way the PlayStation Network was designed over fifteen years ago.

With that, here’s how to change your name on the PlayStation 4.

How to change user name on PS4

You can change your name through your PS4, or through the web-browser, so on the PS4 go to Settings. It can’t be done through a PS Vita, a PS3 or other means.

Scroll to ‘Account Management’, ‘Account Information’, ‘Profile’ and ‘Online ID’.

Here you can change it to whatever you wish, but within reason.

Any games after April 2018 will work perfectly with the new name change, but games released before, you may encounter issues with, such as trophies and leaderboard scores.

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Changing your PS4 name more than once comes at a price

The first name-change is free, but after that it’s £7.99 for non-PS Plus subscribers, or £3.99 for PS Plus subscriptions. You can revert it back to your previous name if desired, but it will require a trip to PS Support, which can be found here.

As mentioned before, you may encounter issues to games released before April 2018, such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Motorstorm, or even Lair, but this may be a small price to pay to change your cringe-inducing name.

It’s telling that this caveat is concrete, as the PS Store comes from a time where ‘cloud services’ and ‘trophies’ were a distant memory for Sony, but with online gaming being so huge thanks to Fortnite and other games, players want to be able to manage their online account much more effectively during these times now.

But at least take solace in the fact that your account will be ready for the PlayStation 5 later this year, and that no one you meet in the future will call you by ‘ChickHun66’ anymore.

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