How to adjust the PSVR's focus

Making sure the focus of your PSVR is as clear as can be when playing a game, otherwise your eyes are going to feel the strain in no time.

Having it focused enough to match your eyes is crucial in any VR headset.

It's a straightforward task, you only need to take note of some pointers regarding your PSVR's focus, and it will greatly improve your PSVR experience in no time.

With that, here's how to adjust the focus on the PSVR.

Adjust your PSVR focus

Your PSVR headset should have a button placed on the visor which can allow you to move your PSVR visor both forwards and backwards.

One good test you can do is to try adjusting the focus while reading the text on your TV screen, particularly the text of your PS system.

Keep on adjusting until you attain your desired focus - one that will make your visual aspect comfortable while wearing the headset, as well as moving with it.

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Clean your PSVR lenses

Aside from manually adjusting the focus of your PSVR lenses, cleaning those could also help refining your VR experience.

You need to use a clean linen-cloth to smoothly wipe your PSVR lenses. The PSVR would come featured with this, so make sure its used when needed.

But if you lose it, you may also use an alternative cloth to wipe off the dirt from your PSVR headset's lenses.

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