Pavlov PSVR: Is the game coming to PSVR, and how can you get it?

Pavlov has been released as a VR game on game channel service Steam and can be played through the SteamVR. But is it coming to the PSVR? And if so, how can you get it?

Whether or not it will arrive for the Sony-developed VR system and device, there is a way you can actually play it on the mentioned VR device.

You'll just need a bit of help by setting up some things, including a third party app which can be downloaded and purchased online.

So here's everything you need to know if Pavlov will be coming to PSVR.

Is Pavlov coming to PSVR?

Pavlov has been received well by the community since its release back in 2017 by Vankrupt Games.

There is still no news whether the SteamVR game will officially arrive for the PSVR system as its own version.

However, there is still a method that you can try to play Pavlov on your PSVR headset, courtesy of the Trinus PSVR app.

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Get Pavlov for PSVR by using the Trinus app

The Trinus app could be your companion to carry out the dream of playing SteamVR games on PSVR. Pavlov may belong to your library of games for your Sony-made VR headset.

You can download and purchase it here, where it's an easy process in setting it up for your headset.

Once complete, you can now enjoy playing the game of Pavlov on your PSVR headset even if it's not the official version intended for the headset.

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