How to fix Character AI "Failed to delete messages" error

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The Character AI is a bot that one can converse with, enabling its users to interact with both fictional and real-life characters. Clearly, all only in the form of AI chatbots. But what if you want to delete certain messages on the app? Been having problems with Character AI failed to delete messages errors?

Despite some users reporting issues such as the rate exceeded error or the internal server error, the app has been gaining traction. Clearly, one of the main reasons is the presence of AI characters, designed by both the platform's developers and its users.

But perhaps you've been worried about sharing some details in the past and are afraid of what's going to happen to your data. So, let's see how to fix Character AI failed to delete messages error.

How to fix Character AI failed to delete messages error

The first thing we would recommend is to check the status of the Character AI servers.

You can do so by using a service such as DownDetector or by looking up on Twitter if any other users are reporting similar problems.

If everything is working, then proceed with the other fixes.

Clean cache and cookies from your browser

If you have been browsing a lot and you have never bothered to clean cookies and cache from your browser, then that might be a problem in the long run. To avoid any such issues, be sure to clean the cache and cookies (those related to Character AI especially) and try again to delete messages.

Restart or change the browser

If still, your delete attempts are failing, you might want to restart your browser (and device as well) or try to access Character AI with another browser, since perhaps it's a problem with a new version of the app.

Start a new conversation

If you have changed browser, restarted Character AI and also tried cleaning, then perhaps there is a particular problem with that conversation. In that case, you can try deleting that character altogether, but we would recommend trying to use another conversation to keep using the app.

What is the Character AI failed to delete messages error?

This is an error that happens when the user is trying to delete one or more messages from its conversation with the Character AI chatbots. Many users have been reporting such issues, along with others that seem to be somehow connected with the same problem.

Other errors that users have been reporting, together with the failing to delete messages error, are:

  • Several “Internal server error 500“ errors.
  • Unable to access saved chats.
  • Long time to generate a response with the app freezing.
  • Old messages seem to be impossible to delete, while new ones can.

There might be several reasons for these issues occurring, such as the servers being down or under maintenance.

But another reason might be connected to your internet connection having problems, being particularly slow, for example, or just plain unstable. Another classic reason is that the servers are being overloaded by too many requests.

So, in the end, if none of the fixes seems to be working, we would recommend just being patient and trying again deleting your messages at a later time.

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