Factorio prints: Where can you find blueprints for the game?

In Factorio, you could consider blueprints as the main name of the game.

But why? Mainly due to the game revolving around the concept of building and constructing your factory. Of course, you'll need blueprints to achieve this.

However, like any game, players can have difficulty in making those, as well as where to find them.

With that, here's what you need to know on where can you find the blueprints for Factorio.

Find blueprints in Factorio Prints

Players have an ability to share their own blueprints on a website called Factorio Prints.

These blueprints that are designed by players can be exported through the in-game blueprint manager. On this site, you can choose from well over a hundred blueprints to use.

Simply click on your desired blueprint and copy the code of the blueprint. Go back to your game and open your blueprint library. Click the "Import string" option, and paste the code of the blueprint that you copied.

You can now use the blueprint that you downloaded, so place it wherever you would like in Factorio.

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Destroy your blueprints

However, as much as you want to keep your blueprints, there could be some instances that you might want to destroy those.

In order to do that, just head towards your blueprint library again. Right-click your chosen blueprint, and select 'Destroy blueprint'. It's due to Rock Paper Shotgun that this helpful tip was discovered.

This way, you can say goodbye to the blueprint that you don't need anymore, and keep on looking for others that may be of use to you.

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