Factorio modding: What are the best mods, and how do you mod the game?

Mods are common in Factorio. Players get to mod the game according to their own preferences, and we have seen some great mods in the game through the years.

Some of the mods in the game were almost perfect. Those could even be labelled as original parts of the game, and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

But all of those are just made by the game modders, the fans and players at home. Wonder how they do it?

Here are some of Factorio's best mods, and how you could actually mod the game yourself...

Some of the best mods in Factorio

Rock Paper Shotgun has listed some of the best mods to ever appear in Factorio.

Their list includes the Long Reach mod, which allows players to widen their reach to interact with a structure. Another one is the Even Distribution mod which grants an equal distribution of resources upon dropping those on containers, And of course, the Bob's and Angel's modpacks are also listed, which provides 20 game-changing mods for various new items, features, mechanics, and concepts useful for the players.

There are also some highly useful mods, like the famous Bottleneck mod, which helps players to deal with bottlenecks in their factory by putting lights on every corner of your structure. And there's also the VehicleSnap that lets the player snap their car's direction on to regular angles.

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How to mod Factorio

Applying your created mods in Factorio could be done in two ways.

The first one is by the in-game method. Head to the main menu and click Mods. Go through the Install tab and choose the downloadable mod you want to use. Then click Install, restart the game once the installation is finished, and play the game with the installed mod.

The other option to mod Factorio is through the game's official online mod portal website.

Go to the website and look for the mod that you want to use. Download it, and go to the mods folder on your PC. Place the zipped folder of the mod, and run Factorio.

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