Factorio: How to use a calculator tool, and why you should

There are a lot of resources in Factorio, and using the calculator tool could help you with those.

But keep in mind that the calculator tool is something that cannot be found in the actual game itself. It's considered as a 'mod', or a 'trainer', so make sure to not use it when online.

There are also Factorio calculator 'tools' or 'planners' that could be used right directly from your browser. These can easily be found online if you know where to look.

With that, here are some methods on how to use the Factorio calculator tool.

Use the calculator tool by inputting the amount of your resources

Just like a normal calculator, it won't work unless you input some calculations.

There are a lot of Factorio calculator tools now. However, the most commonly used tools are the 'Factorio calculator' by Kirk McDonald, and the 'Factorio planner' by Doomeer.

Both of these calculator tools require players to input the number of desired resources to be calculated. Just make sure to share your resources and settings to connect your Factorio account to those calculator tools.

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Why you should use calculator tools in Factorio

Of course in the real world, you use a calculator to produce accurate results. In Factorio, that's the same reason why you should use these calculator tools too.

Especially when you're in the building section of your factory, the calculator tools can help you prevent too much use of unnecessary resources.

Although there are some that players could consider as inaccurate calculator tools, so make sure that you will use the accurate and legit ones to the best of their ability.

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