Factorio console commands: Scripting, cheating, and everything you need to know

There are a lot of things you can do in Factorio, including scripting and actually cheating the game.

Scripting in Factorio refers to a Lua script, which could be used as a form of a scenario or a mod.

Cheating is also connected with scripting. You'll need to script in order to cheat, basically.

Here's everything you need to know about scripting and cheating in Factorio:

Scripting in Factorio

Scripting is related to programming. So before you do it, make sure you have prior knowledge on how to do basic scripting. The official Wiki Page of Factorio might help you with this one.

To apply scripting in Factorio, you must be aware that by loading the game, scenario and mod scripts are being loaded as well.

As you go through the game, you'll be led to a file named 'control.lua' placed in the mod or scenario directory. Once you found it, the game will load and run the script that you chose.

You can also find the whole scripting API for Factoriohere. Just check it out regularly for updates.

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Cheating in Factorio

One of the main reasons why you do scripting in the game is to have yourself some fun with cheating.

Most of the scripting commands for Factorio could be associated with cheating. Those can provide numerous advantages for players which are otherwise unavailable in the game.

Some of the most used codes are /cheat<all> - to look for all the technologies as well as enabling cheat mode, and /command<command> to execute a Lua command.

For those who want to look for scripting/cheating codes for the game, click here.

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