Doom Eternal: If you can't start the Ancient Gods Part One DLC, here's what you need to do

The sequel to the 2016 DOOM by id Software received heaps of praise on its release back in March, and ever since players have been hoping for the DLC, a story expansion set after the main campaign, to be equally as good.

Called ‘The Ancient Gods - Part One’, it was released earlier today for all platforms, from PlayStation 4, to PC and Stadia.

However there has been some early teething issues in getting the DLC working, which has resulted in some irritated fans looking for solutions to play it as soon as.

With that, here’s the issues that have been appearing, and some fixes so far.

An Eternal Fail to Start

It seems that as soon as the DLC was released earlier today to download, the base game itself doesn’t recognise the DLC when its installed. There have been several tweets and posts on Reddit that show downloads on PS4 and Xbox One systems as complete, but nothing to be found in the main game.

This also applies to the different tiers of the game, such as the ‘Year One’ pass and just the ‘Standard Edition’ for DOOM Eternal.

However there have been a small amount of users who have reported seeing the DLC as ‘available’ in the game itself, but it would hang when selected.

We are barely a day into the DLC being out, so we suspect id Software and Bethesda to release an official fix into it soon, but players have found workarounds for the DLC to be played.

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How to Fix the Eternal DLC

First of all, make sure that the latest patch is installed for DOOM Eternal on any system. It is simply called ‘Update 3’ and allows the DLC to be recognised by the base game.

On the PlayStation 4, go to the DLC page for DOOM Eternal and manually select the ‘Ancient Gods’ banner to see if it can be downloaded manually. Make sure that any existing DLC has been removed before this is done.

On an Xbox One system, go to ‘My Games and Apps’ and find DOOM Eternal, press the start button and select ‘Manage Add-Ons’. You should see the main game and ‘The Ancient Gods’ DLC installed. There should also be a small add-on for the DLC if it hasn’t been installed already. Select this, and the game should then recognise it.

For now these are the temporary fixes that players have found to get the DLC working. However we are only at day one for this DLC, so there could be a fix very soon that could help alleviate these installation issues for ‘The Ancient Gods’ DLC.

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