VIDEO: Watch Doom running on a potato-powered calculator

If you've been sat up at night pondering this very specific question - how many potatoes would it take to run Doom? - boy oh boy, we've got the perfect video for you.

Of course, the art of running Doom on random objects has long been a source of fun for the gaming community. Another recent example saw Doom Eternal running on a fridge!

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Keep on reading to check out this potato-fuelled work of genius...

Watch: Doom running on a potato-powered calculator

A YouTuber named Equalo took it upon themselves to rig a shed-load of spuds to a Raspberry Pi computer to try and run Doom using just the power of the potatoes.

100 potatoes were cut up, with over 700 slices linked together by cables to get the power needed. 100 milliamps and 5 volts is what Equalo wanted, but still the Rasberry Pi would not boot up.

Equalo didn't give up hope, though, connecting instead a TI-84 graphing calculator that could run a basic version of Doom using the potato power.

But why settle for our description when you could watch this wacky adventure for yourself?! Here's the video...

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What about playing Doom on a pregnancy test?

Because there's always another layer of barmy ingenuity to be found on the internet, we thought you might be interested in this supplementary story of Doom running in an unlikely place.

Not that long ago, a Twitter used called @Foone treated us to some genuine footage of Doom running on a pregnancy test. Take a look at the Twitter action below...

We look forward to seeing the next weird way in which the internet decides to play Doom, and we'll be sure to share that story with you as soon as we can!

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