Call of Duty Modern Warfare Error Code 664640: How to fix stuck on 'fetching online profile' screen

While Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Waris now available, it's likely that both Modern Warfare and Warzone will remain populated with players for some time.

If you're still playing Modern Warfare, you might be surprised to see that over a year after launch, certain bugs and issues continue to hamper your experience more than a Warzone player with a Grau/MP5 setup.

One of the common errors faced surrounds error code 664640, so here's how to fix this issue.

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What is Error Code 664640?

Error Code 664640 sees players stuck on the online loading screen as Modern Warfare attempts to fetch your online profile screen, to no avail.

If you suffer from this issue, it means you'll be unable to load into Modern Warfare past the main menus, unless you play the game offline.

However, there are some solutions and workarounds...

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How to fix Error Code 664640

If you're stuck on the 'fetching online profile screen', it may be that the game is currently being updated, and so the servers are down as the patch is deployed.

If there is no update set to arrive, it might be worth checking the server status, which you can do either from Activision here, or through IsTheServiceDown.

Finally, it's always worth restarting your console/device, alongside your internet, just in case the issue is on your end.

Hopefully, if you've suffered from this error in the past, it might crop up less frequently now, as Infinity Ward recently tweeted that it had deployed a backend fix across all platforms to resolve this issue.

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