Will Zen 4 Be Am5?

Many PC builders are asking if the Zen 4 processors utilize the AM5 socket, or will the upcoming processors use the AM4 socket? This question might have remained unanswered if AMD's future roadmap hadn't been leaked online.

If there is going to be a socket change, anyone looking to purchase the AM5 processors will need to upgrade their Motherboards.

Will the newest Ryzen processor utilize the AM5 socket?

Will Zen 4 Be AM5?

AMD had made the promise that they would continue to use the AM4 socket up until 2020, they have fulfilled their promise and actually slightly exceeded it by having their most recent Ryzen processors, the Ryzen 5000 series still utilize the AM4 socket.

AMD's roadmap shows that the next generation of Ryzen processors will utilize the AM5 socket instead of the AM4 socket. The AM5 socket will feature more pins and connection points when compared, which will allow for a higher rate of data transmission, allowing AMD to create processors with more cores and faster speeds.

Zen 4 Am5
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AM4 News

AMD's development road map was leaked, and from the roadmap, it seems like the AM4 socket and the Zen 4 processors are currently expected to be available in late 2022.

Looking at AMD's leaked roadmap shows how their next processor will use the Zen 4 microarchitecture. This microarchitecture will be AMD's first desktop processor to feature 5 nm nodes and its first CPU to offer PCIe 5.0 support.

No exact time for the release of the next socket or the next processors has been released. Still, with many PC builders waiting patiently for the next generation of Ryzen processors, AMD has some high expectations to fulfill.

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