Will The AM5 Socket Use DDR5?

AMD has already released the Ryzen 5000 Processors, which were rumored to use the AM5 socket, but many are still left wondering when the AM5 socket will be released and if it'll offer support for DDR5 RAM.

Here's what we know so far.

Will the AM5 Socket use DDR5?

The rumored release date of the AM5 socket is said to be around 2022. This also aligns with the consumer release of DDR5 RAM modules.

It's understandable that due to this, rumors surfaced that the new processors and the new socket, AM5, will offer support for the new generation of RAM.

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The AM4 socket may be replaced by AMD's AM5 socket

These rumors line up with the confirmation that the next generation of Ryzen processors will most likely be built on 5 nm instead of 7 nm nodes, allowing for considerably more power to be available for each processor which can be used to offer support for DDR5 RAM.

AM5 News and Rumors!

The AM4 socket has remained largely unchanged since the Ryzen processor brand's initial release, which has allowed users to upgrade from the first generation Ryzen processors to the most current without a need to upgrade their motherboard due to an out-of-date CPU socket.

The AM5 socket is expected to allow more power and faster data transfers to the CPU when compared to the AM4 socket. AMD had promised to use the AM4 socket until 2020, which is kept, but it has yet to say how long the AM5 socket will be used for or if they will make a similar promise with this new socket.

We'll be on hand with the latest news and updates as they come in surrounding the AM5 socket, so be sure to check back in with us soon.

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