RTX 4080 Super vs RTX 4080 - what is the difference?

RTX 4080 Super vs RTX 4080 -  An image of the RTX 4080 Super GPU

With the introduction of the RTX 4080 Super, there's a growing curiosity about how it compares to the standard RTX 4080 - one of the best graphics cards out there. To satisfy this curiosity, here's a detailed RTX 4080 Super vs RTX 4080 comparison guide for you.

While both the RTX 4080 Super and RTX 4080 are grounded in the same Lovelace architecture (AD103) and share identical video memory and memory interfaces, the RTX 4080 Super distinguishes itself with key enhancements.

In this RTX 4080 Super vs RTX 4080 comparison guide, we will tell you what are these enhancements. But before that, make use of your chance to win an RTX 4080 SUPER autographed by NVIDIA's CEO.

RTX 4080 Super vs RTX 4080 - differences explained

The RTX 4080 Super differs from the RTX 4080 primarily in having more shading units (10240 vs 9728), a higher base and boost clock (2295 MHz/2550 MHz vs 2205 MHz/2510 MHz), leading to slightly better performance.

RTX 4080 Super
RTX 4080
CUDA Cores
Core Frequency (Base/Boost)
2295 MHz/2550 MHz
2205 MHz/2510 MHz
Memory Capacity/Type
Memory Interface
256 bit
256 bit
320 W
320 W

Performance difference

The RTX 4080 Super has about 5% more CUDA Cores than its vanilla counterpart, the RTX 4080. CUDA Cores significantly impact performance, with a higher count generally leading to better performance. That said, the increase in the RTX 4080 Super isn’t massive, so you can expect a modest performance lift as a result.

Clock speed

The RTX 4080 Super has higher base and boost clock speeds compared to the RTX 4080. This allows the Super variant to access its memory more quickly, which translates to improved performance in both gaming and creative tasks. However, the difference in performance between the two cards, while noticeable, is not enormous​.


Nvidia is launching the RTX 4080 Super at $999, precisely matching the original launch price of the standard RTX 4080 back in 2022. It appears, the RTX 4080 Super is set to replace the RTX 4080, with the latter becoming unavailable to buy once stock runs out. In fact, all Nvidia RTX 4000 cards may be discontinued for new SUPER GPUs.

With that, we are wrapping up our RTX 4080 Super vs RTX 4080 comparison guide. While you are exploring our content, make sure you also check out our RTX 4080 Super vs RX 7900 XTX comparison guide.

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