RIG 600 PRO HX review - the best midrange gaming headset you can buy

RIG 600 PRO HX review the headset with xbox series x and s

RIG 600 PRO HX review the headset with xbox series x and s

Once known as a budget brand, Nacon has been upping its game more and more over recent years, and the RIG 600 PRO HX demonstrates this. It's a Bluetooth gaming headset with excellent audio and features that can be used across PC, Xbox Series X, PS5 and any other Bluetooth device you own. And the best part? It comes in at under 100 dollars, euros and pounds.

How does it fare up against some of the best gaming headsets on the market? Let's find out...

RIG 600 PRO HX review side view
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The RIG 600 PRO HX is constructed almost entirely of plastic, and this area is clearly where Nacon chose to save money so that it could invest in the other areas of the headset. This is most noticeable in the way you adjust the headphone cups, which only allows you three cut outs (called "snap-fit" in the manual) to choose from on each side of the headband. To change the headset fit, you need to snap each ear cup into one of these holes.

This means the ear cups don't swivel, and the headset seems like quite a small fit even when adjusted to their max head size setting. For my medium-sized head, I had to adjust them RIG 600 to this maxed out configuration, so anyone with a larger-sized head will struggle with these.

Fortunately, that is the only negative that we found with the RIG 600 PRO HX, and as you'll see, this funky construction is worth the trade offs you get in other areas of the headset.

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The audio quality on the RIG 600 PRO HX is exceptional. Normally on headsets at this price point, you get an audio signature with bloated bass that drowns out all the mids and highs, but that's not the case with these. The bass is tightly controlled and more neutral, making the RIG 600 PRO HX have some of the best low frequency performance I've heard outside of very expensive audiophile headphones, like the Bose QC45.

The headset comes with a special app for your phone that allows you to customise the sound profiles to your liking, but out of the box, we'd say it's almost perfect. There's a focus on highs like footsteps and sharp, sibilant sounds, while mid tones like speech are a bit more recessed. This makes them especially great for games like Call of Duty, when you want to hear the crunch of boots before enemies round a corner and kill you.

To sum up, the listening experience is far better than a headset this price has any right being. The RIG 600 PRO HX has a wide soundstage for a surround sound feel, and combined with the excellent sound quality, it wins big against the competition in this respect.

RIG 600 PRO HX review smartphone app
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Even though adjusting the fit of the RIG 600 PRO HX might be simplistic and now allow for much customisation, it's actually very light and comfortable to wear. The ear pads are made from a textile material and it allows your ears to breath, meaning no more sweaty head. And the padding on the head band is also comfortable, making this great to wear for long periods of time. There aren't any premium leathers on offer here, but it's a lot more comfortable than most of its competitors at this price point.

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Features-wise, there's a little pinky-sized microphone that pops out of the ear cup for voice communication. The quality of the microphone, however, isn't great. It comes through muffled and picks up breath, making it sound a bit like you're in a tunnel. But, while you won't be recording podcasts with it any time soon, it's perfectly serviceable for chatting and in-game comms, and it's in line with the quality you will get from other brands at this price point (and beyond, trust me).

The RIG 600 PRO HX is completely wireless, with a claimed 18-24 hour battery life. We can say that's accurate, as Nacon pride themselves on stating the geniune minimum so that consumers aren't disappointed. The headset is charge via an included USB-C cable and we can say that battery life is, again, exceptional for this price point, getting you a good couple days of heavy gaming before recharging is needed.

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There's a plethora of buttons on the ear cups that control everything you need. There's a power button, a volume rocker, a Bluetooth button and menu button. These are all what you'd expect and in places that make sense, except for the power button, which is a bit hard to distinguish from the others when the headset is, you know, on your head.

The RIG 600 PRO HX comes with a USB-C Bluetooth dongle. Despite being marketed as meant for Xbox, you can plug this directly into the USB-C on the front of your PS5 and it will work on the Sony console. The USB-C dongle comes with an adapter to normal USB, so you can also plug it into your Xbox console or PC. You can also pair it with any Bluetooth device, like a phone or tablet, and get wireless audio that way too.

All in all, the RIG 600 PRO HX has excellent connectivity options. It even supports dual wireless, meaning you can be connected to two sources at once, something that is sometimes missing on high-priced headphones.

Overall, the RIG 600 PRO HX headset is an excellent headset, and we recommend it to anyone in the market for a mid-range set of headphones for gaming. It has excellent audio quality, great battery life, it's comfortable, a plethora of connectivity features, and it can be bought for under 100 of your local currency. It's let down by a lack of options when it comes to adjusting the fit of the headphones, and the microphone isn't great, but these failings are more than made up for in other areas, and they certainly aren't out of place at this price point either.

RIG 600 PRO HX review
The RIG 600 PRO HX is a fantastic headset that brings gives you excellent audio quality and all the features you could need. It might not suit those with larger heads because of its lack of adjustability and the microphone quality is average, but this headset is a must buy if you're shopping in the mid range and these fit your price point.
9 out of 10
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