Razer: Does Razer Synapse work with any keyboard?

Synapse is an application made purposely to allow Razer hardware users to customize their keyboard or mouse's appearance.

But there are some who wonder if the app could work with any keyboard available that also has RGB as its main feature.

It's been known with other applications and peripherals that they have unofficially worked in some capacity, but sometimes, there's a simple 'No' with other peripherals. Some simply refuse to play dice.

Here's everything you need to know if the Razer Synapse work with any keyboard.

Does Razer Synapse work with any keyboard?

The answer is no. It can't.

Razer Synapse is made for Razer hardware. Keyboards which are non-Razer cannot be supported by the app itself.

So if you plan to use Razer Synapse on your PC, buy the Razer hardware to maximize the app's capabilities.

For the list of compatible Razer keyboards for Synapse, click here.

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Best Razer keyboards for Razer Synapse

Below are just some of best and most recommended Razer keyboards for your Razer Synapse app that we've experienced in the last year.

It includes the Razer Huntsman Elite for a fast performance, Razer Blackwidow Lite for a more budget friendly type, and Razer Huntsman Mini to save some space.

Head to their website here to order yours now.

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