How to download Razer lighting effects

Razer hardware is known to have the Chroma effect - which gives controllable and customizable lighting effects on all of your PC hardware.

This is only possible if you set up some things and activate those lighting extravaganzas.

Just tune in to this article and you'll know how to do it.

And so, here's how to download Razer lighting effects:

Open the Chroma Workshop from your Razer Synapse app

You'll need the help of the Razer Chroma Workshop to pull off this one.

The Chroma Workshop allows Razer hardware users to load over 600 different profiles (lighting effects) for your hardware.

You just need to download the Razer Synapse app for your PC. Once you get it here, you may then open your Chroma Workshop by following some steps.

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Download lighting profiles from the Chroma Workshop

You can instantly download some of the lighting profiles for your Razer hardware here.

Once you have downloaded your desired profiles, open the Synapse app and click on the Chroma peripheral icon. Select the Lighting tab once it appears.

Open the Chroma Configurator and choose List. Select Import and go through your way to the profile or lighting effect you downloaded.

Finally, click Apply, and enjoy watching the lighting effect you just chose.

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