Razer: Are their mice compatible with Apple M1 Macs?

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Razer established itself as one of the world's leading brands when it comes to creating and manufacturing such gaming mice. These are used on various PC systems, but does it include the Apple M1 Macs?

Compatibility with the new M1 Macs has been a source of contention for many, mainly due to the new architecture these processors bring.


But a new audience for a peripheral company such as Razer is only a good thing.

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With that, here's what you need to know if the Razer mice are compatible with Apple M1 Macs.

Are Razer mice compatible with Apple M1 Macs?

Razer Mice are indeed compatible with Apple M1 Macs.

Although Razer has yet to officially announce on whether they have native drivers intended for Apple's devices.

But nevertheless, as long as the Razer Mice work well with those Apple M1 Macs, it's all good for both ends.

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Choose your own Razer mice

With the variety of Razer mice available today, it could be hard for someone to choose their own Razer mice.

But there are also a variety of things you may consider on choosing one, such as their performance, appearance, or convenience.

You can choose and eventually purchase your Razer mice by going here.


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