PS5 console design: concept art, fan designs, renders and mock-ups that predicted the PlayStation 5 look

The reveal of the PS5 DualSense controller gave gamers their first glimpse at the visual style that surrounds the upcoming PS5 console.

Before the official PS5 console design was officially revealed (which it now has been), it's only natural that gamers with Photoshop skills tried their best to reverse engineer the PS5 design based on what the controller looks like.

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Confirmed features of the PS5 include 3D Audio, ray-tracing for graphics, and a powerful SSD, and the DualSense controller gave eager fans a good jumping-off point for their speculative designs.

With that in mind, remember that all the examples we're about to show you are pure guesswork from people that are not affiliated with Sony, but that doesn't mean they're not fun to look at...

Will the PS5 look like the Xbox Series X?

Twitter user Paul Robinson, whose username is Robo3687, produced a PS5 concept design that seems to blend the DualSense controller with the Xbox Series X.

The monolithic design of the Xbox Series X, which some have compared to a fridge, has already been a source of much discussion.

Combining those visual elements with the two-tone white and black design of the DualSense, Robinson imagined what Sony's spin on Microsoft's idea might look like. (He was a little ways off, but it was still a good attempt!)

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Will the PS5 be mostly white?

Another Twitter user, called Guaffreman, came up with this sleek alternative for what the PS5 might look like.

Again, he's taken the white and black colour scheme from the first DualSense controller images and worked that into an eye-catching idea for the console.

An elegant white oblong with one black corner cut out, revealing a black triangle beneath... this is certainly something you can imagine looking great on a shelf.

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Will the PS5 stand on its side?

We asked our in-house graphic designer to dream up his own version of the PS5, inspired by the DualSense controller, and he came up with this angular offering...

expand image

The way our designer framed this eye-catching image made us wonder: will the PS5 stand up tall or sit on its side? Or will Sony give gamers the choice between both options?

We now know, with the gift of hindsight, that the PS5 can lay down horizontally, although it was mainly shown as vertical during the announcement

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Will the PS5 lay down flat?

From Ellejart on Instagram comes another cool possibility - this PS5 design that looks really great next to the DualSense controller.

This one is laying down flat, and it even seems to have a disc drive that would open out upwards like the classic PS1 console.

Although Sony has now revealed its actual PS5 design, it's still fun to look back at these awesome fan-made alternatives!

It is worth bearing in mind, also, that Sony has also revealed a black PS5 controller, so we can't rule out the possibility that a black PS5 console design is coming later!

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