How To Use Oculus Quest 2 with Glasses: How To Insert Glasses Spacer

The Oculus Quest 2 is a fantastic piece of hardware but, unlike other games consoles, may cause issues for those wearing glasses.

After all, wearing your glasses while using the Quest may cause discomfort or, at worst, damage the lenses of both the VR headset and your eyewear.

However, the folks at Oculus clearly thought about this prior to release, including an official glasses spacer in the box at no additional cost. Here's how to use the Oculus Quest 2 with glasses.

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How to Wear Glasses With Oculus Quest

The official support page of Oculus lists how you should properly put and insert the glasses spacer on your headset:

  • Remove first the facial foam of your headset.
  • Put the glasses spacer that came with your headset upon purchase on the part where you removed the facial foam.
  • Finally, return the facial foam now stacking the glasses spacer.

After this, you'll need to adjust your headset to account for the new glasses spacer inside the Oculus Quest. Oculus themselves state that the frames of your glasses need to be 142mm wide or less, and 50mm in height or less, in order to fit properly.

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You can adjust your headset properly by extending the headband and stretching your headset both from the back and front, before placing it on your head in the most comfortable way. When putting on your Quest 2 headset with glasses, put it on from the front to back. And when removing the headset after a session, pull the headset forwards, and then take it off.

Alternatively, if don't want to wear your glasses, you can try these VR lenses instead.

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