Oculus Quest: How to fix tracking lost error

Your Oculus Quest can encounter a 'tracking lost' error which can disable some features of your headset when it comes to tracking areas where you explore and play. However, problems like that aren't impossible to be solved. There is hope!

You just need to attempt some quick maintenance in order to fix those errors. But once you are done with those, your VR experience will once again be worthwhile.

With that, here's how to fix the tracking lost error in Oculus Quest.

Fix tracking lost error by rebooting your Oculus Quest

Tracking lost errors may seem to be some sort of irregular error spikes unexpectedly occurring on your headset.

Smart Glasses Hub suggests that you mat reboot your Oculus Quest headset once it happens to your own device, just like how any other device and gadget's issues could be solved.

Hold on the Power Button of your headset and once the Restart option pops up, choose it and reboot your Oculus Quest immediately.

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Other ways to fix tracking lost error on Oculus Quest

If the reboot option does not work well on solving the tracking lost error of your Oculus Quest, there are still other ways you can do to fix it.

It includes updating your headset, cleaning your camera sensors, unpairing and re-pairing the controllers, etc.

You can also completely reset your Oculus Quest, but doing so may erase all the data and apps stored on your device. So think twice before doing it.

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