How To Fix Oculus Quest 2 Tracking Lost Error

The Quest 2 is the current market leader in terms of VR headsets. But that doesn't make it immune to technical troubles. One potentially major problem for players is if they are affected by the Oculus Quest 2 Tracking Lost Error. This makes it much harder to use the Quest 2 for gaming.

Today, we'll endeavour to offer our assistance to anyone who has been blighted by this particular problem. We'll explain the best ways to try to fix it, and any potential causes you need to know about.

How To Fix Oculus Quest 2 Tracking Lost Error

There are several potential fixes for the tracking lost error on the Quest 2. Work your way through them, and hopefully at least one of them will solve the problem for you.

  • Start by restarting your Quest 2 headset. This means turning it off completely, rather than simply putting the headset into standby mode.
  • If you get the tracking lost message, you will have the option of disabling Guardian. IF you want, you can leave it turned off. But if you want the reassurance of having Guardian back on, you can simply go back into the settings menu and switch it back on. This will have the added benefit of resetting Guardian, so hopefully it will start tracking again without causing an error.
  • Check to see whether your Quest cameras need a clean. If the cameras are dirty or being obscured by something, that will prevent tracking from working.
  • Look out for any software updates. If one is available, install it, as updates often contain patches that can resolve these sorts of issues.
  • Try tweaking your settings. Make sure you are playing in a suitably well-lit room, to make it easier for the cameras to detect the environment.
  • Some players have suggested that the tracking lost error is only appearing when they wake up their Quest 2 from standby mode. So try avoiding standby, to see whether this makes a difference.
  • If all else fails, consider performing a factory reset on your Quest 2, to see if this fixes things. Be warned though, this will wipe all your content, so make sure you have backed up your saves to the cloud before doing anything.

There's a lot of great advice in here, but if you haven't managed to fix the issue by now, you might want to get in contact with the customer support team for further help.

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What Causes The Tracking Lost Error?

The tracking lost error happens most frequently when you've just turned on the headset, or as it gets used to its new surroundings. Tracking is pretty important, as it is what enables the Quest 2 to run the Guardian - essentially setting the boundaries for a player, to ensure safety. Of course, if you want, you can always disable Guardian. Just be aware that if you fall over furniture, that's all on you.

It's an error that appears to have been becoming more frequent recently, potentially as a result of software updates. But it isn't certain exactly why it happens.

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Regardless of the underlying issues, the fixes outlined above are the best way to get back on track. While we can't promise every one of these will work every time, you can be confident that these are your best options.

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